Saturday, October 8, 2011


Why the Scorpio stings
Know that it is not rapture,
Know that it is not hate,
It is but my nature,
It is as much fate.

King's 2 months already. For once I feel lighter, more accepting of the truth and less depressed. I miss him though.

Rifan took Sisilia, the make up artist and I out for dinner, it was lovely! I ate all my hard work's glory.

Work was good. Joseph Vincent came back down again to play. I was outside in the rain working but I decided to sneak in for a quick toilet break to watch and learn. He has improved a lot since the last time he came down. He was great! An inspiration to watch.

Then I went to the toilet but the girl's toilets were flooded and there was a massive line waiting for the disabled toilets of girls so security was like, "Well if you want you can go to the male's."

I already had wasted a lot of time watching JV play so I went in. Awkward moment is when you walk in and see a bunch of boys pissing in a urinal and they all turn to look at you gobsmacked. I did my business, washed my hands, didn't even LOOK at my face but all I saw were boys grooming their hair way more than I see girls do. I chuckled to myself and went back to work. Got bored obviously.

After work, I hung out with everyone for a bit. I went to the private area and took a photo with Joseph Vincent.

We chatted for a little bit. He's pretty cute. He said I was pretty cute. We talked a bit of music and he said he'd add me on Facebook. I was like yeah sure. But he said no really I will! I don't accept randoms so I'll add you. In my head I was thinking he'd forget.

But lo and behold, the boy added me when I woke up the next morning!


lalaaaanita said...

of course he was going to add you deena ;)

and you'll continue missing King for the rest of your life. I'm glad it's getting better though.