Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I've just been dealing with terrible jet lag since I've been home. I sleep at 12am and wake up at 4am, sometimes if I'm lucky 5am. I've been running around like a headless chook trying to complete errands before I leave this Thursday. To where, you ask? I get to go to Europe! I'm taking my mum for 6 weeks and my sister is going for 9 days. I've planned every nook and cranny of the trip to try and ensure as best as possible that my mum can have the best time, and of course, me too! Our plan is to get to London (staying in Taipei for a few days first though) we meet my sister in London, then from there we train it to most places in Western & Central Europe. I'm sure I will try my best to blog everything! King's mum gave me a surprising welcome home party. I thought it was just meant to be my mum and I, plus her and maybe King's brother - but I walked in with a room full of banners screaming, "WELCOME HOME." So that was very nice of her. I'm slowly packing and seeing friends at food times of the day. I've also been folding a bunch of paper cranes, I don't know why. I bought a box of papers (for a rip off $5) and got an empty jar and have just been cramming it into there. It looks pretty but I probably have better things to do in my short time back home, but I'm enjoying it. I'm onto my 140th crane. There's 200 papers. How cute is Ethan with my CD? On another note, I've dislocated my shoulder. Mum is furious because I'm carrying the heavy backpack without wheels for Europe. I feel okay. I mean it really hurt and in that adrenaline rushed moment, I just grabbed my shoulder and just shoved it back in there. Then I cradled my arm and body on the floor, quietly whimpering and then slowly saying, "Mummmyyyyyy... Mummmmyyyyyyy!!!" I go to the physio today. I'm refusing to go to the hospital. We don't need to make a big deal out of it!! And I don't want them to re-dislocate and then relocate my shoulder. UGH!


lalaaaanita said...


It's really quite unfair. All that travelling and doing stuff and everything. But welcome home, for this short amount of time!