Sunday, June 24, 2012


PARIS Today was a long day of nothing. We were meant to take ONE train to Milano Centrale (Milan haha) and then transfer. But when we went to get on our train they informed us that plans have changed and this is what's happening - the dude then shoves a paper in my face that's written in German. I get a grasp that we'll have to get off at Fluelen then get on a bus to Goschenen, then another train to Chiasso, Italy and finally one to Milan. HOW TIRING! But it was worth it in the end as I got to absorb beautiful Switzerland scenery & countryside. Even if it was just for a moment outside or through the glass panes of the trains. It was breathtaking. I'm in awe with Switzerland. The style and culture of Italy was more known to me than the other countries so Pisa didn't surprise me too much. I was surprised at how much littler the town is than I thought - and with that, the little size of leaning tower of Pisa was a surprise too. Did you know it slants because the soil wasn't solid and set right! How interesting! And engineers believe that it'll last 200 years. They excavated the soil to hold up for that much more longer. Well that's what I heard anyway. Some people think I'm Italian. I don't think I look Italian at all, but maybe its because I'm boasting a little Arizona tan so they consider that there's a chance I could be! When I ask people things, or like the train ticket officer man talks to me, they all ask me something while pointing at me, "rah rah rah rah Italiano?" If only I knew a little Italian to play it up but I don't think the words spaghetti, carbonara, ravioli, bellissimo etc. would get me very far. Some of the men are gorgeous, just saying. Everyone does these photos that it just gets to the point that its not embarrassing hahaha! We hung about in the beautiful grass with the sun shining and then went souvenir shopping, had a beautiful Italian dinner then went shopping on Costa Italia street. That was my mum who inappropriately, and humorously decided to do this haha! I'm starting to get exhausted. I didn't sleep at all on the train rides and I'm nearly finished reading the first third of the Hunger Games trilogy. At least today I can sleep in past 4am as the train to Rome is at 11:30. Hoorah! Most little elevator I've seen, fit for one person! The Bed & Breakfast is really cute and Italian, old classic bed posts, old veneer windows, lots of old Roman drawings etc. I'm currently sitting in a huge comfy, pillowy antique chair. Funny thing is, Indians run this joint! They run most of the souvenir shops too!! Asians & Indians, I swear, flock to any business opportunity. In Luzern, Asians ran all the commercial watch shops haha!