Wednesday, June 20, 2012


We spent 2 days and 3 nights in London. We finally arrived after a long flight with a stopover in Bangkok too. The old man in front of my mum and I had extreme scalp conditions so when I went to retrieve my camera bag & back pack, it was CAKED in dandruff. It was super gross. I wanted to vomit. I thought the lady next to him was the culprit but I looked at his armchairs and the situation was the same - it was snowing. Anyway, after all the kerfuffle - we met Jana at Heathrow airport. She looked completely different from the last time I saw her 8 months ago. We found our way onto the Heathrow Express then caught a taxi from Paddington to our hotel. The taxi driver instantly hated us as soon as we went in. He was the biggest grump and was shooing us to get off before we had even paid, then after he drove off he spat out the window. I think he hated Asians haha. We soon realised that, a lot of people in London are just grumpy and rude. I'm sorry Londoners, but we only saw two people smile & laugh with us, and that was a French waiter and a retail assistant that was trying to hold our jokes in like she wasn't allowed to be laughing. We spent our time there seeing the tourist spots: Westminster Abbey, Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, Piccadilly Circus, Tower of London, Big Ben, St Paul's Cathedral, London Eye, Oxford & Bond Street and Buckingham Palace twice - second time to see the Changing of the Guards that happens every morning from May to July. London is expensive and their summer is pretty cold. We also saw the Spiderman Premiere being held at Leicester Square. We saw Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone as little figures from far away!! I also stopped this NORMAL LOOKING LADY mugging my sister. My sister said to me, "Someone's touching me a bit too much." So I turned around, turned Jana around and saw the lady's hand in my sister's bag. I just death stared her and she just death stared me back whilst trying to act like she wasn't doing anything. It was such a weird moment. She was convincing enough to make me think that maybe it was accidental but I told Jana to check her bags and sure enough, her travel journal was on the floor. That totally meant that she was rummaging through, pulled it out and realised it wasn't a wallet so dropped it and went for the kill again. I wish I yelled or something, but this isn't my town - I'm just a pawn on the chessboard. She was with a big man too. This lady was like my mum's age and both of them looked COMPLETELY normal and didn't act guilty at all, just got off the next station and moved on. So weird. So traumatised. So glad they failed. I like the city, I don't like the prices and people could do with a bit of happiness and attitude adjustments. SORRY THAT WAS SO RUDE OF ME TO SAY! I am now on the plane to Paris. Its a really cute commercial plane - probably the smallest plane I've ever been on!!