Friday, June 22, 2012


I took this candid photo and look at the bottom left man LOL We finally arrived in Lucerne after two trains and a 5 hour journey but our hotel staff was out at lunch so we had to have lunch and wait for an hour. After that, we settled down and put our feet up for a little rest. Jana decided that she was way too sleepy though she gets the most sleep haha so mum and I went off on our merry one day way to Lucerne! We just had a brisk stroll beside the lake with its glorious mountains that borders the edge. I couldn't really get awesome photos that boasted the view but the lake is really very beautiful. I love how all these European countries are so close to each other yet so different from each other too. Even Swiss German sounds different. I really like Switzerland - I could live here. I like the vibe, the people and the environment. Anyway, we basically walked around and shopped around. I bought some souvenirs and a gorgeous silky singlet that is apparently some New York brand - it was 50% too! I really like it!! We went into a billion watch shops and it was filled with tourist buses of Chinese people going nuts over the Swiss made watches haha. I even saw a bunch of monks go shopping and I secretly took a photo. It was so funny because a few hours later, while my mum and I were waiting for our bus - we saw them walk out with so many bags in their hands!! I wanted to take a photo but the bus came and blocked my way. My mum and I walked along the lake again, had some ice-cream and tea, walked around again then had dinner at an adorable Swiss cafe. Yep, we had tomato soup, salad and CHEESE WITH WHITE WINE FONDUE!!!!!!!! Europeans make me feel stupid because they can speak so many languages. I'm so jealous!