Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Well, I've been packing. I hate packing. It is so super tiring. And I know I'm going to forget something. Always. Sandi & Gary are also in Paris so the dogs have been sleeping with me. They're so cute and needy when they're sleepy. Also very annoying in the mornings as you can see from the pictures. They fight for my attention until I shove one to my left and the other to my right side and then they settle. However, I have no wiggle room as its shorter than a single bed haha! I've just been hanging out with different friends. They all wanna hang ten on my last days so its been a little busy and very back to back. I've also been - like a dork - riding to the post office awkwardly to deliver parcels. Today was my last round and luckily Giana was so kind to take me without me even asking her. Otherwise, I would've had to do two rounds in one day because it didn't all fit in my bag. Unless I double bagged it and put one in the front but oh man I would: 1. look like a loser 2. handle myself like a loser as I'm not a pro cyclist 3. probably crash and destroy the merch So in my first beautiful month of pre-orders, I sold 130 physical copies. I'm pretty happy! It got released on iTunes & Amazon too.. so here's some links for it. To buy on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/lone-wolf/id530324627 To buy on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Lone-Wolf/dp/B0086HM62E To purchase a hard copy: http://www.deena.bigcartel.com I think I've finished packing now. I just have one hand carry I gotta deal with tomorrow after I've changed and finished using everything I need. I hate how no matter how organised you want to be, finishing packing ALWAYS has to be last minute unless you wanna just rough it with no change of clothes and self hygiene. HAHA! My tattoo artist is coming by tomorrow to buy a copy before I go. How cute and funny is that! I also gave two copies of my album to the postman and postlady that helped me out a lot. I mean they had to sort out like 100 parcels so I think they totally deserve it! I'm also having a shipping predicament that I have to deal with in these last few days. All my leftover unsold CD's, and a box of tablets & vitamins my mum had me buy are in boxes. Every option I look at costs me about $1000!! ITS RIDICULOUS! It's not even that much for $1000. I could buy a ticket home for way less than that, and I could pile him up in a seat next to me. Shipping is stupid. Well, my American journey has come to an end. And soon I visit a brand new continent too. I will tell you all soon. Yes yes, I never stop moving!