Sunday, June 3, 2012

Release Party!

So last night was my intimate release party for my debut album. It was pretty scary but I ended up having a lot of fun. I was blessed to have the darling Yuki and her harmony/bells player, Lucy open for me! I really like Yuki's songs, there's something ethereal and eerie about her voice and songs. She gave me a free download link for my favourite song of hers!
When I got to the show to set up and sound check - I got the news that Ryan my guitarist was sick in hospital. At first I didn't freak out because my heart went out to him. It was so weird because we just saw him the day before for rehearsal. But yeah he was out cold and we didn't find out until 6pm so my set list was thrown overboard. We compromised, cut and changed stuff but the show must go on! Of course I was stressing like crazy and also sad that I couldn't do my favourite songs and some of them didn't get to have the extra oomph of a lead guitarist. Next time maybe!

Can (DJ Candy) provided music at the start, in between and at the end. I was so grateful to have my two special guests. But soon enough, it had to be me up there and I was super scared. Sometimes I would choke and at one point I was so close to screwing up but I trumped over it!

Yuki and Lucy

I probably rushed at the end of songs with my talking but I find that at the end of songs are so awkward... this meek silence where the audience dwells and you have to wait for the claps. It was about 20 people, and 15 albums got bought so I was pretty happy!

Some fans came from far far away - one lovely girl even brought me flowers. That was so sweet of her! I knew I recognised her and she told me that she first knew me from the Rock for Smiles concert. She also told me that I inspired her her to sing from hearing me at that concert. I was pretty touched.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me on this treacherous journey. I feel like all the effort, pain and money drain was worth it. My American experience is coming to an end in 4 days and its a bittersweet moment.