Friday, June 15, 2012

Neihu, Taipei

Well the flight was horrible. The plane is definitely designed for maximum numbers of Asian people. I barely had any wiggle room. And my poor poor legs always feel pain within the first ten minutes. My mum and I barely slept, we were going crazy. Yet we were so darn tired to even turn on the entertainment screen and zone out to a movie. So we just sat through and annoyed each other here and there haha. We finally made it, 5am Taipei time. Then it pretty much took another 3 hours from there to get our luggage, get a bus, meet our grandparents, catch the train and then go home. We straight away went to the markets after that and had lunch & then dinner. My second day was the same. I bought a dress. Lol trying things on in the streets.. Haggle skills I forget people stare at me here, especially in the suburbs. Some people point and scream, "FOREIGNER!! DO YOU THINK SHE SPEAKS CHINESE?!" Then they hassle mum about me sometimes. I need to bring a white person with me next time so I can blend away as an Asian. I also totally ruin mum's bargaining hand with my mixed face, because they instantly know we're foreigners haha so sometimes she makes me walk a bit further behind and catch up when they settle on a happy price. Typhoon has come through too, so lots of rain. Its summer here but the pollution has clogged the skies and just left behind heat and humidity. No sun in sight! It was good seeing my grandparents here, even if it was for a short time. I'm not excited for tomorrow. Its a whole day of stopovers and airplanes. Yipee!


Anonymous said...

hey deena
im jealous of your travelling :) stay safe and have fun!
btw was your mum cool with your tattoo? it's so unique ...and meaningful :)