Thursday, June 21, 2012


We had a bit of a kerfuffle when we got to Paris. The lady at the airport told us the wrong directions so we dragged ourselves, and our luggage all the way to the wrong station (we even changed trains 4 times to get there!) After we got rerouted back by a lovely gentleman, it was nice to check in and put our feet up. To be honest, I'm so pooped after my days to even blog so I'm just going to be basic. Romance can be found with everyone at the Eiffel Tower LOLOLOLOL We spent two days here. I wish we had more but Jana's only in Europe for 9 days and I wanted her to see as much as she could so we're doing a blurb of London, Paris, Lucerne, Italy (3 cities here) and Munich. Because there is so much in Paris, I decided to book two tours for the two days. The first night we went and finely dined on the 1st floor of the Eiffel Tower. There was the cutest French-Cambodian waiter working there. Oh by the way, Paris is less grumpy than London, and definitely a lot more friendlier. They just sound a wee bit angry with their thick accents sometimes. Anyway, after dinner I climbed up to the second floor and took some photos & videos. Then we went on the river Seine for a lovely one hour cruise. Finally, we went and saw Moulin Rouge. Yeah - totally not as glamorous and entertaining as you think. Only the little excerpts of people doing freakishly stuff sat me up in my seat. Otherwise, the girls can't really dance and they're just walking around with their boobies out and intense, elaborate costumes. We got home at around 3am, I was so tired. And we woke up at 6am the next day to get ready for our morning city tour. My mind is so racked from the 3 hour sleep and long day that you'll just have to absorb most of my day through my pictures. And even the pictures I'm starting to get lazy to look through them thoroughly haha but I'm sure you'll still get a gist and hopefully you'll still be entertained. After the city tour, we went to Louvre Museum where we got to see some famous artworks such as the *drumroll* ….. MONA LISA! Louvre is such a gorgeous fortress of a building, and I even love the random modern transparent pyramid that sticks out of it. Paris is gorgeous, I wish I had more time. I can see why everyone falls in love with this city - though I do think that there is a dirty and grunge side too. Mosh pit for Mona Afterwards, I wasted 3 hours lining up to reserve international train tickets. I was so exhausted by the end of it and busting to pee. I let mum and Jana go home to rest and run some errands. Holy crap I was so close to bursting my bladder I swear! Hahaha and the dude in front of me was Korean and didn't understand English so I couldn't even ask him if he could hold my spot haha. 3 seconds later my sister knocked out the macaron & smile off my face… I still ate it with crunchy dirt lol Now we're packing up and getting ready to leave super early tomorrow morning. We're going to go pop by Saint Germain for din din. Apparently its like the Lygon street of Paris except probably less Italian and more Parisian haha. Okay dinner was pretty nuts. The fete de la musique is on so it was super busy and packed. Actually on my way home before I directed this French guy to a street, which was pretty funny because I don't know jack shit except for that street because of my hotel. Haha, it took about 10 minutes of dialogue though. He then invited me out for dinner but I politely declined. Anyway, St Germain was pretty nice. The restaurant dude was weird though, when we wanted to order he through a fit saying that we were impatient and we had to wait for 4 other tables to order before we could. Is that normal? Even though they were seated before us, if they are still diddle addling over their menus, we can order right? That's normal back at home.. anyway we thought it was pretty rude that he exclaimed it throughout the restaurant that we were some rude foreigners lol.