Thursday, June 28, 2012


We had a crazy night in a sleeper train. We didn't even know but apparently we got downgraded from beds to couchettes - I seriously didn't even know that trains got it better than the bunk beds we got because in China they were similar! So we weren't too disappointed. I realised though, that an upgrade of what we had probably would've helped us ease into more sleep as my body didn't fit up on the 3rd level so I couldn't even sit up or stretch out. It was so dusty that I was itchy like crazy. But the German train guy was nice anyway. 10 hours passed and we were finally there, thank golly. The fruits in Germany are crazy good. It is the BEST tasting fruits I've ever had. I have never had raspberries that taste like the lolly flavours. Now I get where they extract the flavour from haha! And the strawberries, OH MY GOLLY! I WAS IN HEAVEN! We were all crazily deranged from no sleep. However, I like Germany. It is clean, safe and friendly. We spent the day trying to eat lots so we don't doze off to sleep (though I power napped at Starbucks). We saw churches and historic buildings, Marienplatz, Karlsplatz, Hoftgarden etc. We eventually ran out of things to do in this smaller German town so we went…… SHOPPING! Zara had a huge sale so I went nuts trying stuff on. Eventually I got myself a cute singlet and dress for a bargain. I had Munich sausage salad for lunch - I wouldn't call it a salad. It was more like cold cuts of sausage with rings of red onion sitting in pickled juice. It was yummy but a bit salty. Then we checked into the hotel, packed Jana's suitcases and we went off to the airport. Munich airport is very nice. We dropped her off, said good bye, then mum and I ate dinner on the top floor which was an Italian restaurant called, 'IL MONDO.' This was some creepy tomb where some dead statue was lying inside it. I can't even post the picture of the statue, it creeps me out. Apart from the Kosher food I had at Venice on our last night, this restaurant's food was the best I've had in Europe. So far we've been disappointed with the food. Australian Europeans do their cuisines much better back at home. But this German Italian fed us the best Italian we've had yet! I was finally happy to receive FRESHLY MADE PASTA. How hard can it be for a little girl to find fresh pasta in Europe? Haha, I think they think in touristic areas we won't spot a difference, BUT BOY OH BOY DO I HAVE A WIDE PALATE! I can pick up flavours and textures well! I'm not fussy though, I just can tell! On the way back we had a lovely German businessman chat to us the whole way about Germany and other inquisitive questions we had about Europe. He was laughing at us because we were like OH CUTE HOUSES, CUTE CARS, CUTE FLOWERS, CUTE GRASS, CUTE LITTLE EVERYTHING hahaha and then started a conversation with us. By the way, all these shots were taken at like 7am so there was no one there. Then when we came back at like 12pm it was FLOCKED with crowds. Probably for the soccer game with Germany and Italia?? tonight haha! Just letting you know before you start to think that this place is so empty! Okay, I need my sleep and I'm off on a 7 hour DAY train to Budapest, Hungary. I hate sitting. P.s I think all this backpacking and heaving has created some muscle definition in my arms and legs, probably not good for a girl aye hahahahahaaha! BODY BUILDER DEEN DEEN!


lalaaaanita said...

Loving all the pictures of your Europe trip :)

Hope all is well!