Monday, October 17, 2011

Ghetto Bachelor Pad

So yesterday I had to help my roommate Raph (he's a photographer) do a video shoot for his mate, Aaron's album or what not. I thought it was going to be lame, but I got conned into it.

Aaron's album is actually so great! I mean I'm not really into rap but his stuff is very casual, not trying too hard to be ballin' or whatever and smooth on the ears. He's with Obese Records or something? I personally have never heard of them but apparently (duh) it's all the hip hop scene.
I found someone vandalised this magazine in my lounge room hahahaha

I was the ghetto booty in the clip (lack of booty though), pretty much I was just his lover. Great thing about this clip is that you never ever see my face, or Aaron's. And the scenes just keep repeating but with different clothes.

We woke up at 5 am so I was pretty sleepy. But the house we went to film at was CRAZY. The dude who owns it is an architect, and he designed it himself. It's like an insane bachelor pad. It's in Carlton, where houses are meant to be compact and small but here he has a well designed 4 level loft. Rooftop, studio, see through ceiling fish tank, jacuzzi on the top floor, lounge and kitchen on the third, bedrooms and bathrooms on the second, and garage and whatever else on the 1st level. Oh, and an elevator to tie it all together.

I can't explain how insane the house was! I mean look at the graffiti artwork piece on the outside of the house!

Bailey and I then went to visit Nick at his work, then went to get my Xray. Then I went to work.

After work I had a nap and had my first argument with Bailey. See I got asked out on a date, but Bailey and I aren't exclusive. He got annoyed and jealous, which is normal and I got defensive that we aren't in a relationship so I'm not obliged to do anything for him like reject the date. We both had our arguable sides and in the end we just had to bite our tongue and move on.

I didn't end up going on the date anyway, I never really wanted to. I just wanted to clarify where we stood. We traveled to Nick's house, ate pizza, jammed on the electric drum kit/guitar and then Bailey, Nick, Steph, Luna the Cat and I watched Captain America.