Friday, November 4, 2011

Snot Bubble

I've been so busy. I'm so sorry. So much to do in such little time. I leave in 3 days to South-east Asia. This weekend is my last shifts of work, I'm a little sad.

My room looks so empty, I just disassembled my milk crate bed and that took so much work. I didn't realise how tight and the number of zipties we put on it. I'm keeping 3, Bailey is keeping 3, Chris is keeping 4 and AJ is keeping 2. That seems fair, 12 are adopted (the crates are like my LGM babies) and then 8 go back into the wild.
Insane zombie face from last week's Halloween night

Phillip took me to dinner. It was gorgeous as always, he never takes me to less than fine dining (degustation too!) and that's insane but my stomach thanks him for it. He forgave me for my blog post about him and I think he's settled down a little as well. I had no idea that escargot were sea snails and classified as shellfish. I had a little allergy reaction to them but it wasn't bad at all.

This was an awesome cocktail! I think (using my palate knowledge only) it was melon liqueur, apple juice, lemon juice, lime.. I'll give it a shot at work and see if I'm kinda there.. hahaha

They had this fancy oven that roasted meat called rotisserie and gosh it was absolutely mouthwatering!
Awesome mint yoghurt sorbet cleansing palate

An array of dessert!

I also had a work dinner to congratulate all the girls on working hard this year and it was to say goodbye to me too. The girls gave me a fancy ass (but tasty as) box of chocolates and Cinde gave me this adorable snow globe decor. I'm taking it with me and I'll wear it as a necklace over Christmas :)

I went and bought thermals for where I'm going after Asia. I spent like over 200 dollars I think on them but I know I'll appreciate it when I'm in minus degrees. EEK!
I don't know him.. errrrpp

Then all that dust whizzing through my room provoked this snot bubble