Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I've been to Korean BBQ ALL YOU CAN EAT birthday dinners, a bum day out with Bailey where we ate at diners and looked around locally, and an anniversary party for Poreotics at the Avalon club in Hollywood. That was fun, apart from security thinking I was using a fake ID because I was Australian. I ended up having to show him my license, my student ID's, my DIVER's license, my medicare and my credit card - because he just didn't believe that I was from Australia.

The door girl was like, "but she has the accent!"
And he's like okay true. And let me in.. Then we walked to go to the VIP area and there was this drunk guy trying to follow in with our group. He stumbled forward to the top of the stairs then tripped backwards down the stairs going head and neck first. It was terrible. It was a pretty decent amount of stairs that were made out of stone. He was woozing in and out of consciousness and his head had swelled up and split open.

My first real Christmas tree (its a noble fir tree!)

He was bleeding down the sides of his face, it was pretty disgusting and he had no friends with him. Weird thing was that the night was young, and the fact that he was that trashed already was pretty shocking.

I feel sorry for the 3 "ugly" ones.. I bet people would go in and point them out!

The performances that night were good. Poreotics are pretty skilled bunch of boys!

We also went to eat Juicy Burger for dinner.. the bun was strange - like a brioche or an Asian sweet bun haha. After the night out, we all went to Mae's Cafe - a 24 hr diner joint and had milkshakes and spiders.
This was the other night at Korean BBQ

The 8 of us ended up sharing a T-Bone steak with fries, corn and salad. I have no idea how one could have eaten all of it, it was a pretty decent hunk.


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