Sunday, December 4, 2011


Brisbane makes me miserable. Ok, I got that out.
I've been doing nothing but unpacking. I have so many bloody boxes that I have come to the realization that I am a hoarder.
Good job, removalists!

I've already got 3 boxes and a guitar bag full of charity donations, which is a good step I think! I'm still holding onto a lot of stuff. I haven't been doing anything else apart from that.

Don't worry, Desh! I got Bailey to super glue its bottom back together!

I eat lunch with my mum, Bailey and my family friend every day and then spend the day unpacking. Today, my family friend wanted to take us out for good pizza. He drove for 45mins so I was expecting something AWESOME -wood fire pizza maybe, with gourmet cheeses NOM NOM NOM

But no, he pulled up in front of a MASSIVE Pizza Hut. We could not stop laughing. But he was convinced that this one was great. Apparently it's the only all you can eat Pizza Hut. I still couldn't stop laughing. Lunch was terrible.

I went and visited King today. We had a nice brief chat! I didn't have much time so I'll go visit another time.

Kevin arrives tonight. He stays til Wednesday and I leave on Friday. I want to sneak through Brisbane.


lalaaaanita said...

I really don't like how unhappy you sound in this post :( I know the Pizza Hut you're talking about too. Dammit Brisbane. There is some amazing pizza in the valley though, arg so hungry.

Thinking too much is bad. I got out of a longterm relationship this year where all I did was think think and think. I figured that while I'm still young, I need to do stupid things and take risks.

Bailey sounds kind of amazing. Like, very very amazing. It's hard to find the kind of person who'll put up with the defensive mechanism. My ex did, for a very long time, and then towards the end of our relationship begun to really hate me for treating him that way. But somehow, with the new boy, I feel like I can take the risk.

The new boy! His name is Ryan and he makes a lot of fun of me, because I'm a 'schoolgirl' and I'm underaged and all that haha. But he is fantastic and I'm so smittened by him.

What's the plan in Brisbane? Are you here forever? What's Bailey's plan? High school is a bitch, but somehow, real life seems a bit daunting too.

PS: I like how this is how we communicate.