Tuesday, December 27, 2011

First 3 Days

Sandi's (where I live in LA) place before we left! SHE LOVES SEASONALLY DECORATING HER HOUSE!

Bailey betraying my rules of no XMAS PRESENTS

Sandi surprising me with a gift too!

The plane ride was about 5 hours. We were absolutely exhausted as the shuttle picked us up at bloody 3am, dropped us off at 4am - where we then had to wait 3.5 hours before we could even fly out of the city.

View from our NYC apartment!

This is because LA has terrible public transport systems and so for some odd reason, 3am was the only time that could get us there before 6:40am.

Can I also mention that LAX is a terrible airport with only a handful of food outlets such as Burger King and Starbucks - and I think that was about it apart from some seafood bar and newsagents.

Virgin America Airlines looks like a flying night club. The aircraft was lit up by purple and blue neons and all the air hosts (all three were men) wore open collared shirts busting their hairy chests, with slick hair like they were ready to pump out some groovin' moves - but mind you the service was lovely and the interior is quite beautiful.

Even carparks dressed up for the occasion!

5 hours went by a little slow but we got there. It took about an hour for our bags to come out and we were absolutely famished so we shoved some Maccas down our throats. We caught three trains to our place in Upper West Side Manhattan and we crashed to bed.

My shitty camera is only really good for B+W

Where did white boy Bailey go?

We woke up, and crashed again.
On our brand new day it was Christmas. But like any other town, Christmas is boring in the cities. Shops were all closed so we just decided to walk about and look at the scenery. I think everyone else had the same idea because we were surrounded by a sea of tourists including ourselves. Times Square was hectic, Madison ave quite the same, 5th avenue, just as bad - okay, busy everywhere.

We walked around for about 7 hours, had lunch at some Lebanese food cart and dinner at a crowded pizza cafe.

The second day we went to the Twin Towers Ground Zero and the Wall street area in the financial district. We also got to pop by the Wall Street pier where we feasted our eyes on the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridge.

I was then enticed by department stores that had a crazy Boxing Day sale going on. There were people EVERYWHERE! I ended up restraining myself and bought 2 socks and 1 tights - pretty good though! I got a cashmere blend and saved me self about 30 bucks, NOT BAD AYE? I wish I didn't buy one pair of socks though, the elasticity didn't end up to be quite favourable when I opened up the packet.

We went back to Times Square where I squizzled about at Forever 21, Aldo and Disney. Mr Grumpypants-Bailey didn't quite enjoy it so we stopped and went for dinner at a cute little French cafe.

I had a peking duck baguette and then chocolate banana crepes with coconut sorbet for dessert. It was scrumptious!

Bailey has been struggling a bit with his friend so we had a bit of an off day. He treated me terribly all day and I don't blame him but I told him that I am here for him. I am his stress ball and I'd rather be squeezed than bounced about so I just need him to tell me, "I AM UPSET" rather than throwing a tantrum at everything you know?
But we discussed it and fixed it, he poured out his grief on 8th avenue then we went home.

We had a little puzzle piecing to do because it was already 12am so we couldn't catch our regular train. We had to go uptown express then go back downtown a few blocks to get homies!

Then we fell asleep! Today we had an easy going day as it was pouring rain and both of us felt sick so we slept until about 4pm! We both had sore throats, stuffy sinuses, dribbling nostrils and coughs. We finally got out of the house for food - but we had to wear our hoodies tight around our faces as the rain was spitting!

Crazy sales

We ate at Mama Mexico on Broadway avenue which was only a mile or so away from our place. We stopped by a grocers than a pharmacy so I could get some more Airborne (like our Berocca Vitamin tablets). We had Ben & Jerry's on our way home. I had strawberry and coffee - it was so delicious!

Arguing through table cloth drawings

We walked home in the rain again and came back home. I think I might have a pop tart soon! YUM!

Looks like mush but it was yum!

Merry Christmas everyone!


lalaaaanita said...

New York looks incredible, and you and Bailey look so good together.

I hope that the trip continues being great, and I LOVE PICTURES SO NEVER FORGET TO TAKE THEM :)