Thursday, December 1, 2011


I made a crane out of a napkin

That dish was gross

I came back to Melbourne and just chilled for the next 3 days. I rested up, packed and went out on Saturday night with Nate. We went to our old workplace at Baraki. AJ, Michael, Michael #2, Simon and Phuong joined us too!
Bailey's cat vs. Deena's goldfish

My old Baraki co-workers bought me a tower of macaroons and this travel book! They're way too sweet!

We got bored at Baraki so Nate dragged me along to the strippers. EEK! I bought him a lap dance, then he bought me a lap dance from this girl who had AMAZING genes. Then Nate, AJ and I all went and got a private lap dance from her. AJ and I were hilarious, instead of enjoying the show we were just asking her questions like -
Where else have you worked?
Does she enjoy it?
Did she have to train?
What shifts does she work?
What men does she have to tolerate with?
Oh yeah I bought new goldfishes to add to the family for Michael to care for. I was sad to let them go!

Then she asked us if we were looking for a job and we were like NOOOO HAHAHAHAHA! She said she always asks girls that and she doesn't get why people laugh at her. She thought we were checking the venue out for a job. NO WAY JOSE!

I also got hit on by one of my ex-bosses which just made me feel like I was not appreciated as a hard worker but as a pretty face. Ugh.

I also went for crepes with Kevin at this little cute French cafe. It was so delicious! I had a gazette with goat's cheese, prosciutto and salad then for dessert I had banana chocolate crepes with vanilla ice cream.

For dinner, Phillip took me to eat at Cutler & Co. a fine dining restaurant in Fitzroy, near my old house. We had a degustation, it was great but the other restaurants he had taken me to was much more well thought out. Phillip thought it would be funny to tell them it was my birthday so they brought out the last dessert with a candle and sang me that song.

He also gave me a present for Xmas and my B'day (lucky me getting it early!) It was hilarious because I got the same gift I got at the start of this year for my birthday! I was super happy though, because I was sad that my polaroid got stolen! So I got the piano black polaroid once again hahaha!

Hmm.. Then Bailey and I drove 23 hours from Melbourne to Brisbane with my stuff. First we picked up the rental car and they gave us a bloody canary yellow Holden SV6 to drive more than 2,000km. For a moment I thought it'd be disgusting but then I realised that yellow would make the long journey safe AND when I leave it over night in Sydney on the street, people hopefully would be deterred from hacking into a yellow car. HAHAHA! So yes, I stopped by in Sydney at my sister's and then continued my long drive to Brisbane. It was a pretty fun road trip. I was just so sad I don't remember where I placed my iPod..

Now I'm just hanging in Brisbane with my mum and Simba. I have a lot to do here, mum moved houses and so I have to sort out ALL my boxes including the ones I sent up from Melbourne and the car load I just brought then.

Bailey and I are cooking dinner every night as my mum has been eating out every day and not really eating right.


lalaaaanita said...

I love love love this post. I don't even know why. You sound so happy! I don't know, maybe it's just my imagination.

Bailey is gorgeous, really really gorgeous. I just want to steal his tattoos.

Mosquito bites make me swell. I end up with bites the size of golf balls on me. It looks real good :P I will be going to Cambodia, someday somehow. No doubt. It sounds like you had the most amazing trip <3