Friday, December 23, 2011


Man, I was only sick like a month and a half ago! It creeped up so secretly and just bombarded my immune system!

So I've just been house ridden and flushing out my body with bajillion amounts of tea. I've had Chamomile, Green, Chai, Cocoa, Black, Cranberry.........
Interrupted while blogging!

Sandi, the house owner is a homeopath and she went nuts and fed me varieties of Vitamin C tablets. Also told me to put some socks on my bare feet and wear more layers. Haha, she is so super sweet.
Whilst trying to book a shuttle service to the airport...

I had to ask another question and used Bailey's name because I was scared I'd get the same person.. and I did LOL

I'm packing to leave with Bailey on the morning of Christmas Eve to go to New York! I'm excited but my brain is completely congested with phlegm that I can't be stuffed thinking about what to pack. I'm so scared, this city is what I brought all my thick jackets for.

Now I have a cold to bring with me too, darn those little virus bugs!
Here's my totally lame drawing to cheer Bailey up. I think Bailey's is hilariously close if he was to be translated into a cartoon but mine is a total fuck up. Who is she? LOL


lalaaaanita said...

I hate being sick. I've been suffering the worst cramps/headaches/stomach aches for the past week, not a lot of fun at all! I hope NY offered you and Bailey an amazing Xmas :)

I am so insecure sometimes, but then I am really cocky. I don't really know what I am. Ryan ended up coming over on Xmas Eve and left at 2am on Xmas, but I haven't seen him since. I said something, but because I didn't think about it before I said it, it came out wrong and he was a bit angry at me. So now it's just awkward and I don't know how to arrange plans or anything. Which sucks because I am home alone and he could stay over without any questions from the parents :\

So let me know how Xmas treated you :)