Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Vegas, Baby!

EATING FAT BURGER (CHILI CHEESE FRIES - I don't really like the chili part)

WELL, I arrived at the airport and I was LITERALLY the last one out of the gates because custom decided to cause trouble with me.

When I walked up to the officer, he looked at me and said something like, "THIS ONE, I-94!"
Oh this is Bailey setting up my drawings on my bedroom wall! I didn't take the finishing product though! I'll get my sister to take one for me when she gets there. I did everything when I was younger but the beautiful Cambodian paintings!

My first Walmart experience

Can owns a Chameleon! Can you see him? He also had an Australian lizard in the lounge room!

And I was whisked away to fill out forms and all these random security guards were like, "Can I look at your passport?"

They all said they didn't know why they made me fill out the form. BUT ANYWAY, that pushed me back to the line again MERRR.
By the way, I am super dooper impressed by Virgin Australia Airline. They had individual screens that were way bigger and better resolution than most. They had a great selection of entertainment, great service and great air (and air is important to me on a plane).

They had a Ferrari, Maserati shop in the Wynn casino hotel! This is the little mechanical area, it was the only place I could take a photo sneakily and it was a terrible shot!

Apparently everything is 'Australian' hahaha and its a chain over there! I also saw in Vegas that they had this show called 'Thunder from Down Under' and it involved about 15 guys that had chiseled wash board bodies, I couldn't stop laughing! I wish I could've seen it!

Tony, Michelle and Michael picked me up and they straight away took me to Huntington Beach to eat at a place called The Sugar Shack. We had brekky there then they took me to T-Mobile to straight away set me up with a phone just in case anything happens and I can also go and tell everyone that I'm spick, span, safe!

A building with attitude!

Their plans are pretty mad! I mean I'm on a prepaid card and for $65 a month I get unlimited texts and calls, unlimited international texts and calls to a landline, unlimited web and blackberry service. AWWWWW SHIII pretty good deal to me!

Yeahh.. I forgot my camera so it is all phone photos

Anyway I napped then packed, the boys picked Tony and I up and we went to eat pho. I met the other 5 musketeers for the Vegas journey. Can from Poreotics, Anthony, Hai, David and Alex.

Some filming gettin' done

Pretty much we ate glorious food, drank a little, gambled a fair bit (I didn't, except I played the pokies machine once), walked around a lot and played and made up card games in our hotel room, shopped, wished I knew that Celine was playing (never mind that because I'm gonna come back on my birthday to watch her sing, I hope). We had a beautiful suite at The Palazzo.
I think Hawaiian food is confused. When I got my plate all I thought was there's Filo, Japanese and American smooshed onto the plate. It was delicious though!

I really can't be bothered too much explaining my 3 days in Vegas, I'm still so sleepy! I got to know each one of the boys and they are all such a lovely bunch, they cracked me up so much! One of them looked like an Asian Spock from Star Trek and we all couldn't stop laughing at him when we realised.

Trying to master the paper cup stacking game

On the way back to LA, I had my first diner experience at Denny's. It was pretty yummy but I don't think serving banana pecan pancakes with a side of turkey bacon and two poached eggs is considered normal. But they did?

Domino's buffalo wings!

What a shit update post, aye? I'm just brain fried from jet lag and topsy turvy road trip schedules and party nights.