Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Kevin came to join in all the Brisbane fun. Kevin and I went out on Monday night with my old good friends. Panos and Steve invited us out to eat $9.90 steak that was really good that we had two. Then Terence and Tan joined us. We all had jugs of beer til our bellies protruded like Santa Claus.

We headed to Fat Louie's where Yuvi, Steven, Mihali and Makoto were all there ready to get their drink on. Panos dragged us along to have a 95% alcohol Spirytus Polish shot. It was absolutely disgusting!

Thanks Kevin for leaving this message on my filing cabinet...

I dipped my finger and it only took 5 seconds to evaporate, and the crazy thing was the shot was filled to the brim but by the time we drank it, it had also evaporated below the brim!

Cane Toad leather...??

My throat felt like it was burning for ages! I hated it. I will never do a shot like that again. I thought 95% was illegal! Hahaha.

I had a good night, it was good to see them all. It's good to see how fast some people have grown up. Panos has joined the navy and is leaving for base in January, and I'm very proud of him and how happy he is!
Simba would only hump Kevin..

Hahaha we folded Simba's ears so he looked like a bear hahaha!

I've just been going around Brisbane and the Gold Coast with Kevin and Bailey. I shopped a few goodies to bring with me to America. I've also still been unpacking my house.

I'm finally done, thank golly! Just a few cleaning up things to do, and I gotta help mum with some housework!


lalaaaanita said...


Lady, you living the life!

But in all honesty, I am jealous of what you're doing. I want to travel so badly. I can't wait for all the blogs ;)