Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Settle Petal

He was with his friends and I was with mine, and we sent this to each other at the same time. It was hilarious! I forgot to say that Bailey is at the States too didn't I? I haven't seen him yet though!

Aw Honey!

I've just been settling in to LA now. I've got my own little den. That's what Tony called it because its not really a room but one of those little study rooms that people make a man den out of. My door is not really door but one of those fold up walls thing but you know what? I love it.
The two dogs, Honey and Casper are adorable! Both half pit then one is half collie and the other is half Shar Pei. Strange combo huh? But they are really cute, kind of like stupid cute HAHAHA!

Same ears as Simba!

I feel like its my own little cubby house. Apart from the rock hard futon that I'm going to buy a mattress foam cover for, I am super dooper happy. I unpacked all my suitcases today into a set of drawers, made a laundry bag out of a retail paper bag, a rubbish bin out of a Walmart plastic bag.

Using the Aussie label to sell huh? I've never seen this back at home! LOL

Oh yes, I went to Walmart and bought all the stuff I needed from Shampoo down to Gobstoppers. I also went to see Tony teach his high school kids. Their school is really nice, the sun was setting and the orange blazing the sky was gorgeous! Tony teaches drumline and a marching band which is pretty cool to me because we don't really have those things in Australia!

I changed my nose ring..

Old folks make me happy

I still feel like I've got a cloud in my brain of exhaustion. Jet lag is a killer huh?