Friday, December 16, 2011

Hollywood Hills

I keep forgetting to bring my camera out! Yesterday I went shopping with Bailey at Spectrum in Irvine. I bought a bargain of a jacket, its a down insulated Calvin Klein one for 50% for only $140! $140 for a down and duck feather insulated?!??!! THAT'S INSANE. We would never find that in Australia! I also bought a vest hahah and the combination of both keeps me insaaaanely warm!
This is how they breed 'em gloves!

So I noticed that Americans are totally obsessed with Ugg Boots hey! Hahaha it's hilarious! Anyway, Bailey's roommate + her bf invited us out for dinner and a double date. We ate at In-N-Out Burger and then got to watch Drive at a $2 cinema! Ryan Gosling is so sexy, that movie was so well played. The soundtrack is amazing. I just didn't expect it to be as thrilling as it was!

Totally could be a dyke if I wanted to be..

They invited me to sleepover so we can have a full day tomorrow of some sightseeing so I did. I watched Burlesque and My Best Friend's Wedding then fell asleep. I had to wake up 3 hours later which was terrible because the night before I didn't sleep at all! I don't know why, I was just so super restless and paranoid.

Supermodel Seagull on Santa Monica Runway aye?

You can get a marijuana license... seems more like bragging rights to me!

I was super exhausted. We left early to go to the Swingers Diner at Santa Monica and had breakfast with MJ, Bailey, and two fellow Melbournites (whom I met then). Breakfast was awesome that I ordered TWO.

We made him wear this poofter vest

Afterwards, we went to Santa Monica pier then strolled along Venice Beach. Venice Beach is hippie central badly! There were dreads, stoners, skaters, men who wear super tight budgie smugglers and people who preach loudly on rollerblades. It was definitely interesting!
"3 girls 1 cup," said Bailey

We stopped by at a cafe to rejuvenate. It was the most intense and technical cafe ever!

After that we drove up to Hollywood hills which is a local area. I don't think many tourists get to do this because it's only by local knowledge! We walked for about 2 hours up hills. It felt good doing so but I was wearing boots so it wasn't too nice on my toes. We finally got to the top and was behind the Hollywood sign!

The sun was setting and the view was gorgeous! Then we took an hour walking down. I thought I'd entertain the walk and sang Christmas songs all the way down in a masculine opera voice!

We had dinner at a Thai restaurant with some of MJ's friends then Tony picked me up. Tony and I went for dinner but I had the worst green tea ice cream I've ever had and he had ramen. We then went to this Taiwanese bakery called 85 degrees? And bought breakfast.

We both hadn't peed all day.. so yes we peed right next to the Hollywood sign.. BAHAHA SUCH LADIES.

Bailey caught me nip napping

We came home and jammed, oh hells yeah we did some Christmas songs! BAHAHAHAA! Then I had the best sleep yet in LA.


lalaaaanita said...

Looks like you're having an amazing time! :D