Thursday, November 24, 2011


Michael and I woke up early and had breakfast. We went back and packed our bags, Carlos woke up half an hour before check out and got ready. We waited for him in the lobby and the lady started getting angry at us so she made me call Carlos to call him down. I think there was guests waiting for their room or something because she was pretty rude.

We hired a moped and we hit the beach. Michael and I went jet skiing and I constantly was getting hit by the waves in the face. My eyes stung so much! My jet ski was faster so I always won races. At one point, I couldn't see him and when I approached him he had fell of his jet ski! How FUNNY!! But he lost our friendship bracelet in the process :(

After jet skiing, we all had a fresh coconut then I decided to go parasailing! It was so much fun! I had to run with the parachute then the wind shot me up into the air! It was pretty thrilling, especially when the wind knocks you around a bit, it gives you that tummy feeling!

Carlos decided to go scootering around the city then Michael and I had a Thai massage on the beach. Then we went to the hotel, got ready and headed to the airport. The flight was pretty quick for 9 hours. I think we got used to those hellish bus rides and appreciated a smooth flight.

Camera fogged up from being high in the air

I had the best time on this holiday. I already miss it!