Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Spice Market

Well Friday night was quite wild. So much that I don't remember it that well...
I did have a few interesting experiences..
Hi I have no nose!

Hi we have no foreheads!

We went to this really nice venue for predrinks called Spice Market. Oh and before that for prepredrinks we went to Jwow. Then afterwards we went to Alumbra.
AJ and I

Mickey got me a free drink and as I walked over to Kevin, Kaylee, Justin, AJ and Chris - Kaylee accidentally punched the glass into my face and my entire top was drenched in sticky, sweet liquids.
Justin and I

My top lip was so bruised and I just stood there LAUGHING. After AJ whipped out her tissues and patted me down I went to go to the toilets to use the dryer - but I turn around to see Kaylee sipping my drink and I'm like YOU SPILL THEN APOLOGISE THEN FINISH OFF MY DRINK?!?!?! Hahahahhahaha!!

I stood by the dryer for about 10 minutes and it dried pretty well, they invested in a good dryer :)
Rifan and I

Another moment I remember was (this still makes me ANGRY) this boy group was jumping up and down moshing, and this one particular guy just kept on jumping on my foot so I pushed him off. He came hunting me down and yelling and swearing at me, and wanting to hit me - but his friends were pushing him back. I walked right up to his ear and told him that he was repeatedly jumping on my foot so I simply shoved him off and he still went apeshit at me.

So.. my inner monkey unleashed and I went a little crazy too but I just remember that I got picked up and pulled away from the situation because he was getting fired up. I was so angry and everyone was like WTF at him because I'm a girl and he was egging me on.

I just remember telling myself that I do not want to accumulate bad karma (breathe in 2, 3 - out 2, 3)

I moved locations and he came after me with another friend but he was too scared to approach because I was with the boys, but he was pointing and giving me disgusting faces. When I saw him next, I marched right up to him and asked when he was going to apologize to me.

He continued to tenaciously hold onto his curses but then felt intimidated by my maturity (or so I like to think) and broke down in apologies. I assured him that I just pushed him for my safety and not to spite him. Anyway, in summary he was a douche bag and my blood boils thinking about it.

I resisted so much to just lay one fist in his face.
Christopher and Kevinator

And the best moment of that night? RUNNING INTO MASTERCHEF WINNER ADAM!!!! YEAH YEAH HE'S MY IDOL. I was going crazy and I could read on Adam's face that he was just like :| and after the whole episode, the last thing I said to him was, I'm sorry for my rave! Hahahhaha BUT HE WAS SO NICE, AND HE TOUCHED ME! Last week I ran into mychonny and poreotics, then this week Masterchef Adam?! OH IM SUCH A LUCKY DUCKLING!

Moving on, I got my RSA (Responsible Serving of Alcohol) certificate yesterday, that was a real boring 3 hours to sit through on a fake wooden chair (the chair was like cork with a 'wooden' appearance lino slicked on it). I was the first one to finish the test and walk out with the certificate! WOOHOO!

Then I went to eat a hearty blackened prime rib cajun steak and have a chocolate fondue as well as a milk hot chocolate with crunchy waffle balls at Max Brenner! YUM DROOL YUM YUM


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