Monday, October 11, 2010

Pancake Parlour

It was my first day of nothing. Seeing as I've withdrawn from 3 of my subjects due to my sicknesses.

I told myself to unpack from Japan (yes, yes I know I've been back for like a week now) but I didn't end up doing that.

I met up with Anna for sushi lunch. I held up pretty well for 2 hours sleep and it was very refreshing to have some sashimi. I love sashimi.

After I went to pay my respects in church on Lonsdale St. I lit 3 candles, for my family, mental health and relationships.

Then Marlon, Anna, Chris and I went to eat at Pancake Parlour. Chris and I shared a Mexican Chicken Crepes then afterwards had a Chocolate Jubilee with fresh strawberries.

These were Marlon and Anna's Best Breast Chicken, Trahiz and Barvarian Peach.

Oh, stop drooling because there's more..
I had an iced coffee and it was TERRIBLE - so terrible that it made me sick at night. And even til the next day, I don't know which part of my awesome meal it was but I wanted to vomit, and I had the runs and my head was spinning. Bleh! HAHAHAHAHHA


chocoloby said...
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chocoloby said...

when i write my blog i just write and don't think so shhhhhh! (plus i havent use my brain for ages)
lacie is cheap in hk, 1/3 of the price here?