Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Flash

Today I went to the Sunshine Coast yet again to absorb as much sunlight into my body before I return to the gloomy Melbourne tomorrow.

We found a quiet beach named Mudjimba where we baked, played tennis and swam in the beach. The waves were more turbulent today so when I tried to catch a wave, I got up out of the water to find that my swimmers were flipped to the white netting inside.

I also occasionally didn't realize I was flashing - oh well! No one really saw! I think...

I also got really excited and jealous of the boogie boarders, I really wish I bought a board to catch the waves on. It's okay though, I used Chris instead, where when we tried to catch a wave all I heard was the scraping of his body against the sand. Fun for me though!

I saw a wedding on the beach! Then we drank a mocha and drove home sweet home! I ate dinner by Hamilton, and had coffee at Milton! Strolled over to Mt Coot-tha to catch the sights of Brisbane, then went home to watch baby videos of yours truly.

I really did speak fluent Mandarin and Japanese back then, makes me sad that I'm so unskilled now. And I've always acted older with that hint of immaturity.

p.s I don't appreciate people meddling with my blog posts


hasan said...

nice pics deena...