Sunday, October 31, 2010

Surfers Paradise

My dad called me for the first time in my 6,900~ days of my life.

I spent my last day at the Gold Coast with my mummy and Christopher. We explored the Paradise of Surfers, then consumed lunch at Murasaki Tepanyaki, Broadbeach. We had to go straight home to pack to return to gloomy Melbourne.
Mummy and tepanyaki

I've started this thing where I buy Mohabs the most annoying stuff such as a big lollipop or figurines, so I brought back a snow globe that is so ugly that its adorable. Like a pug or a shar pei! Shot glass is for Kevin, and I've decided to start adding to my shot glass collection (currently sits at 3).

Ugly hat at the souvenir tourist shop

For Chris, it was back to reality. For me though? Brisbane is reality.
Oh hello, I am a yacht man as I had no hands for my jacket, oui oui

I had the misfortune of getting chewing gum threaded into my stockings. Damn people who stick them under airplane armrests, you got me good. I felt disgusting my entire flight with it slightly sticking to my skin, so I ripped up the vomit back to put it between the gum stocking and my skin. Ugh.
I brought back my make-a-bear, Captain Deenzel Washington

I received a parcel from Dennis, it made my day! The postman never leaves a notice for me though, and so I went to the Post Office and asked if there was mail for Deena Lynch. They beefed at me that I needed the notice to collect mail and I said I've gotten 4 mails the last 3 weeks and I only got a notice for 1 of them. He grumbled off and came back asking if I am, "Mademoiselle Deena Lynch" I laughed as I read on the box that Dennis had written just that. The old man broke my laughter as he snapped a, "WELL!??!?@!!@K!(@*!(@!@~" and I said "yes yes yes its me!"
I was to obey 3 instructions,
1. To read the card
2. To open the wrapped box
3. Then to flip to Dream 19 in my new Dream 101 book for my last instruction

I got spoiled with Sencha Green Tea (I was going to buy this one after I finished my strawberry and cream tea), Hershey chocolate bars (I've eaten one already, conversation starter cards, a Dream 101 book to compliment my 3am note pad and an instant scratch-it.

Give gifts with an element of surprise - he's exercised that.
And Dennis? You're only prepared for a phone call because I'm an inception specialist.


chocoloby said...

so i didnt end up seeing you at all mademoiselle... ;(