Friday, October 22, 2010


Out on the town for dinner

(I pretended I was taking the city view, but I just wanted a sneak shot of this gorgeous ratty)

My cover up for trying to be a tourist taking the city so ratty man ain't suspicious

Happy Birthday Mohabs!
So I found out that he won't be working on his birthday (if you remember he is my security) so I ran up stairs to make him a card and give him my little stuff I bought from Japan, as well as this massive lollipop I bought on the way home.

I was like promise me you will finish the lollipop I'm going to give you. And he's like of course! Then I rip out this massive donkey's ass one and he's like NO NO NO WAY!!

I also worked last night, bottle girl - and merrr it was so stressful and lame. I'm super tired even from just thinking about it, or maybe its because I've had like 2 hours sleep. Anyway I wore my teddy bear outfit because it was a dress up theme.

I rocked up to work and the other two bottle girls were like a sexy school girl and something something, showing their flat stomachs and I was standing there.. as a bear. Felt a little like I was at the wrong forest, HAHA GET IT?!?!?! BECAUSE I'M A BEAR!!

Lots of people asked for photos with me and hugs or hi 5's because apparently I looked cuddly.

Bear Bum

Off to work!


hasan said...

deena u gave the sweetest, biggest and the smallest gift ever... had really nice time tht night...

hasan said...

thnx for sacrifying urs n chris pic... chris is really jolly good fellow..