Monday, October 25, 2010

Miss Indo

Exhaustion is flowing through my blood, or am I breathing in exhaustion? Either way, I am just absoluteeely exhausted from this weekend.
With the girls..

Then they decided to stab a crown into my hair

Saturday I had to wake up at 6:30am and seeing as I worked the previous night, I had 2 hours sleep. Went over to Federation Square where we had quick rehearsal at the venue (more like we got pointed to where we had to walk for the catwalk, didn't get to try it)

We moved to the office to do the fittings for 5 different outfits, and that took until about 11am. I was meant to be the 4th girl that came out, but I got moved to 7th because of height. My first few outfits I got given was horrendous, I had the worst luck compared to everyone else. But in the end it got changed to something more flattering.
getting hair done

I ate bucket loads then went to sleep, came back to the office at 4 where I got my hair and make up done by a lovely girl named Jane. I've never had my hair done up so nicely so it was a good experience.

There was a girl named Prity there that was imported from Indonesia as apparently she is the top model from there (I didn't know that until the end though) and she wore a crown and robe of ego everywhere around her. She was telling us what to do, she wanted to be priority for clothes, hair, make up and catwalk choreography. She told us we looked ugly if we didn't do what she did, she was adamant that we had to do her melodramatic modelling style. She boasted in her skin.

But I did meet some lovely ladies there, particularly enjoyed the company of Sarah and Silvia - they're gorgeous young birds, inside out!

Come 6:30, and it was time for us to strut out thangs. I was really really really nervous and apparently I was really quick and had a nervous pout, but otherwise I think I did okay. Sunday was much much better, I counted and posed for 2 seconds and wore a smile on my face (but apparently no one else did, I got told we had to smile so now I look stupid! HAHA)

I enjoyed Sunday heaps more because every girl loosened up and boosted in confidence. And I think the different clothes made us more comfortable, it was more modern.
hair finally out from all the pins!

The third outfit I had to wear was terribly see through and they expected me to wear no bra. I wore the nipple covers they gave me, and I could still see my nipples through it so I was like screw that, I am definitely wearing my bra. I was next on to go and Prity the top model was grilling into me to take it off right there and then. I was like no way I'm on next!

She kept persisting for me to take it off, and I was like OH WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT? I'M ON NOW, SORRY!!! *struts off*
the transparent one... =.=

I am thankful I chose that, because with the afternoon sunlight, everyone saw me through that red sheer material in just a bra. It could've been just my nipples with transparent flower shaped nipple covers washed over by the red sheer material.
hair starts falling out...

hair finally out from all the pins!

I had lots of fun! It was only at the end that I got told that I was representing three of the top designers of Indonesia - Ramli, Dian Pelangi and Alleria. So that's interesting!
Ramli the designer

Ramli's assistant asked me on Sunday to please join in a photoshoot yesterday (Monday) with this half Indonesian girl they planned it with. I wasn't sure because I'm not a professional model and I told him that, but he said he didn't care and that him and Ramli would really like to use me. Anyway it was super tiring, it went from 3pm to 2am, but I did get fed twice.

The girl, Emily (she didn't do catwalk) and I had 5 different outfits to change into and 5 different locations to move to. After the sun went down, it started getting super cold. But it was a good experience and very interesting because its a play with traditional Indonesian batiks. It's for Ramli's 35th anniversary in the industry and he's releasing a special edition book of his work and collections. I can't wait to see the results!



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