Friday, October 29, 2010

Sunshine Beach

I'm home.
Yesterday I went to eat my favourite peking duck, and afterwards we all went to Karaoke. I didn't appreciate the welcome back by being called a cunt in front of every restaurant patron after my camera took a second longer to focus to take a picture. Or perhaps when I requested for her to try finish the few bites left on her plate and getting hurled a "Go fuck yourself" made me feel all snuggly about what I left behind.

I then went around touring Brisbane, and revisiting my dingy thinking spot.

Today I went to Noosa but it was busy with the weekend triathlon, so we found a quiet beach named Sunshine. I think my skin has upgraded from white to cream. Huzzah! I had a beautiful, relaxing day.

It was good to send my mind off into the clouds.

Driving 5 hours has made my backbone hurt and am now enjoying a movie on my reclining couch with a glass of wine and a cup of freshly made mango, orange and lemon.