Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Work Party

I went to my work meeting at the Loft for the Next crew (who I do waitressing or doorgirl for) and we all had Chinese food for dinner together.

Their idea was for all of us to become a close knit bundle of work colleagues, rather than just.. work colleagues. I met some lovely people, and I stayed from 6pm to like 12.30am.

I was feeling really dizzy and tired so I tried to avoid drinking for as long as possible, until we reached formalities I was obliged to consume a glass of wine. That one glass hit me so easily and next thing you know,

I was playing with DJ equipment, dancing, and making a muck out of myself.
Good fun, they're a beautiful bunch!

Next day I went to the doctors to get a letter for University, instead my doctor thinks I might be falling into the illness of chronic fatigue, so I've been cut to a lactose and fructose minimum diet. I have never ever ever ever ever been on a diet. And I guess I haven't really followed it either.

Afterwards, I went to get my eye tested because I thought my headaches and dizziness might be due to that. But no, apparently I have better than 20/20 vision!! Both the student and supervisor was surprised to see how good my eyesight was. YAY! The exception in my family!

The only thing I had was dry eyes, and I had a slight rash under my eyelids so I have to use eye drops regularly to condition them. I've never flipped my eyelids inside out and the student was trying so hard but it was just making me cry, then the supervisor had to do it too and I was like!! WHY COULDN'T YOU DO IT WHEN THE STUDENT FLIPPED IT! Hahaha but I just laughed it off and said two men made me cry today.

I ate lunch with Shoji afterwards. Sushi! Yum yum!