Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Well Pancake Parlour got me down to the pits. I felt so sick in the head and stomach that I slept in until about 3pm.

Afterwards, I craved some retail therapy so I went down to Bourke St in the tram - I wanted a new bright-ish coral pink lipstick. I looked around most places and finally found what I liked at Yves Saint Laurent. There was one more pink coloured and one more orange colours - I looked way better in the pink one so I went with that.

Rouge Pur 145 Rose Paradis - Paradise Pink. HAHAHA I cannot wait to wear it yay yay yay!
Sprawled on some couch..

We wanted some time to kill before dinner so I went down to The Basement and came out with two pieces of clothing. Awww I'm terrible - that's why I don't go shopping often.

Dumplings were on call for dinner, complimented with my FAVOURITE pumpkin cake!!
Then I came home and made a fresh juice for a fresh day - apart from the rain that broke out when I decided to go into the city.


hasan said...

nice pics...