Friday, October 8, 2010


WOW well yesterday I pretty much ZONKED out all day, even though I slept at night.
That's the glandular fever after effects kicking in!

So seeing as I killed the day.. I went for some fine dining dinner at the Sofitel Hotel. The restaurant - called No35 - is situated on the.. 35th floor. It was surrounded by spectacular views of the Melbourne city. I should've taken photos but my table wasn't right by the window and I didn't want to seem weird.

For entree I ordered slow cooked pork belly with onion parfait or something rather - I don't know the fancy name but it was insane on your taste buds.

Chris' Salmon Entree

We even got complimentary soup that was all foamy with duck parfait and something rather rather - yeah I'm terrible at listening - I was just eyeing down the food!

The complimentary bread was also crazy! All I remember that mine had garlic in it but it tasted like sage or something too?

My main was John Dory with... I don't know.. there was some bacon fat cubes and green mousse..

Chris' David Blackmore Wagyu Beef with caramelised something rather rather and scallops

But wow I was foodgasming all night!

Afterwards I had to rush out to the Motel club in South Melbourne because I was doing my friend a favour by helping out as bottle girl. I was told door girl but it wasn't - I had no idea what bottle girls do.

I just had to take care of the booked tables and grab bottles and get money, waitress around. I was carrying a wad of cash though, I was tempted to just run away with $420 that would've been fun! Bottles are so expensive when you buy from clubs, its ridiculous! Hennessy was $240, Vodka $190...

I worked hard though and at $20 an hour its not too bad. I should go get my RSA because I was actually working illegally last night!

Poreotics - the America's Best Dance Crew winners were there last night to celebrate one of the members' birthday. One of them said hello to me but I was busy working away. I ran into mychonny though, YOU KNOW MYCHONNY?! The comedian off Youtube?!

I have to admit, I was a little star struck. People said he's a douche in real life - AND HE KIND OF IS? Doesn't matter anyway, I think he's funny and I got a photo so that's all that matters to me!

I got off work at 1:30am and I went home at 2am.

Then I woke up to a breakfast in bed :)