Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Tony, Martin and Nhan surprised me by visiting my place - they even snuck through security doors so I didn't even have to go downstairs and get them hahaha!

Yesterday I took Chris to the doctors and then we went to eat my favourite, Nandos.
Then went to Kevin's for dinner where I ate with his family, how I've longed for a home cooked meal. It was scrumptious..

I made my Asian chicken salad and brought it over. Kevin made takoyaki which was yummy! And his mum made this lovely Swiss stew complimented with a Swiss dessert afterwards.

Then I played Scrabble with Kevin, Kingsley and Maxim. It was my first time playing Scrabble on the board, I've played Scrabble online a few times only. Hahahaha I know that's weird.

I was losing until the finale where I struck out and took the championship, YEAH!

Hahaha it was hilarious at one point, where Kevin was telling me that he slept over a girl's apartment (which is in the city) and instead of being interested in the story of what he got up to with the girl, I asked him - WAS THERE FREE PARKING FOR YOUR CAR?

Hahahahahahahhahahaa, I had a good night! I miss family a little now.