Saturday, October 9, 2010

Butter Studio

I went into the city to watch my friends dance a gig close to Federation Square by Swanston street. I was really tired but it was still fun to watch. Talented bunch they are, and I didn't take photos because I was filming with my camera and then the batteries died!

Afterwards, I went home and napped. Chris and I then decided to join Wez for a night out as Wez was djing and we didn't want him to be all alone. We all met up to have dinner at Dumplings Plus - I'm so disappointed in it compared to Dumpling House but it was closed already. I am craving the pumpkin cake!

We went to Butter at Boulevard for Wez' dj session and the place was absolutely dead. Probably because Gods Kitchen was on that night. All 3 of us were pretty smashed by then but even the silence of the place played down how intoxicated we were. Luckily, Wez got to finish early and we headed over to Studio where Poreotics (America's Best Dance Crew Season 5 Winners) were there to celebrate their last night on their Australian Tic Tic Tour.

I think these boys are Jet Li and Law?

I spent all of my pay I got from working on Friday to make sure everyone had a good night :) A few of us all went to McDonalds to get a post outing feast. From there the night went from an elated party to an emotional welfare. With people stressed and tired, there were tantrums, tears and taxis.

All I could do was hold people in my arms and make sure we got home safely.
For the first time my mind is blank for what advice to give, I'm sorry I can't help you


hasan said...

buahahahaha deena... these pics r hilarious...