Thursday, October 7, 2010

Leave of Absence

In that undercover car park,
where our screams echoed at each other -
People staring, people driving, people watching;
I'm sorry for making you cry last night
I'm sorry for hurting you.

I'm not sure if I wrote this already, but because I had glandular fever and pneumonia for the past 2 months - the university adviser has suggested that I take a Leave of Absence for this semester because there's just way too much that I missed and the Disadvantaged Academic Student Policy they have won't be able to take care of me for missing an entire term.

I have requested to continue one subject though, just so my days don't feel so empty. So I've put in my confirmation to withdraw from all my subjects except Chinese. I was going to do two, but my attendance requirement was lacking in all the other ones so I couldn't.

Sigh, what a waste of time. I could have deferred and done something with myself for 6 months, travel, work, live - not be cooped up sick!

I'm still lost for what I should do next year though, anyone have suggestions for what I'd suit and perhaps, love?

By the way, Tim Burton exhibition was insane. For $14, I got to enjoy the rare opportunity of entering Tim Burton's mind and seeing how his squishy pink brain whizzes around. Amazing, just amazing. I wish I had such talent.
My city around where Tim Burton was


Some photos with Desh last week


Richard Uttley said...


You know I think you should do some "music" related subject. Maybe Performing Arts? x

Anonymous said...

no one cares, Richard

Kaiser Ho said...

+ 1 Tim Burton exhibition is very nice!

hasan said...


Anonymous said...

hi, how do you get your photos to come out like that? the washed out-ish effect?

are u running through through photoshop before uploading them? or are you just using a shitty camera to begin with.... lol

yeh found your blog from your youtube page, interesting to read when im bored hahah