Monday, August 22, 2011

Alpine Festival

I went to work.
The owners called me and flipped at me and the cafe owner, Sanju. We don't really know what's going on because we hadn't done anything wrong..

They were abusing us because we didn't answer the business phone. I said I've never been told to touch the business phone and Sanju said he was busy.

I had no idea we were meant to answer it?! I thought that's why everything gets redirected to my personal mobile phone - everyone calls and e-mails to my OWN PHONE. I thought they didn't want people touching the business phone.

He disrespectfully said I was a liar, a fool and untrustworthy - and all because I didn't answer a phone call? Sanju and I were so confused.

We think somethings going on, something strange - because last week they didn't bring in the alcohol stock and then they blamed Sanju and I for it.

I showed them the e-mail specifically telling the owners WHAT TO BUY. But instead they said SANJU should've bought it. Sanju was thinking, WHY? I run the cafe in the day not the bar in the night.

Anyway, I was way too overstressed. They didn't talk to me with any decency and respect. I went down to the kitchen and had a little cry.

Afterwards, Michael and I decided to check out the Alpine Festival in Carlton. We enjoyed poffertjes (Dutch pancakes) and then beef ribs from the Argentinian BBQ stall. My god both those things were so delicious! I can't get over how delicious the BBQ was.

The sauce is called chimichurri? Next time I have a BBQ I'm going to make that sauce and paste it onto everything! YUM!

We sat by the free Chai Latte stall and watched pro ice skaters glide across the outdoor rink. My friend just continuously laughed at one civilian who wasn't doing very well on the ice, I felt sorry for the guy.

We had a quick browse at the museum but then it was closing. We decided we'd go back soon to absorb some interesting facts of life.
Blue Pygmy Whale

Then Michael and I had a girly night, ordering delivered pizza, reading books and dying his hair. How hilarious is that?
P.S Michael is not gay for all I know so far HAHAHAHA