Friday, August 5, 2011


I went to watch Planet of the Apes.
Then I went to work - this is my cocktail called Deenaberry!
What happened was, someone wanted a fruity cocktail so I conjured this up - but 5 other people saw it and ordered it too!
Then people asked me what it was called so I just said Deenaberry hahahaha!

I curled my hair this fine evening for the first time, and I felt so strange taking up so much head air space!

I moved on to my next work, wearing AJ's dress as she thinks I need to sexy myself up a little more hahaha! To be honest, I just felt uncomfortable constantly pulling my dress down.

I drove Michael's car to take everyone home. I was a little scared because I'm not allowed to drive manual turbo until I turn 20. But I'd prefer me driving than people who have had drinks.

Then some of us went to grab a Vietnamese roll at 4:30am when it is most freshest. It was the best Vietnamese roll I've ever had! I even ate into it so enthusiastically that bread crumbs got stuck in my eye and I got hiccups from eating too quickly.