Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Friends of Couture

AJ cooked Bimbimbap with the even extra extra left overs from the Korean BBQ.
Then we hung out by the kitchen - the weather was lovely. Its such a rare day for Melbourne so we opened up all the windows and hung out in the sunshine/warm breeze.

Then we decided that it would be a wasted day cooped up and we both needed our retail therapy to let loose of frustrations and anger.

So off we went to Brunswick street which is a block away from us but stuffed with great hidden shops. I went into a store called Friends of Couture and tried on the most adorable jacket that was on sale. I loved it but decided to think about it and see if I still ended up loving it.

Then we browsed about, AJ scored some fantastic deals on a leather jacket and other things. We then went into one store which was an outlet for Alannah Hill, Gorman, Princess Highway and Dangerfield.

The place was crazy! This was like 1/6th of the place - just imagine trying to look through the place. It gave me a headache so I gave up and just walked through it while AJ became a retail hunter.

You really had to concentrate for this place and it became more like a chore rather than therapeutic. I ended up buying a green scarf that was 3 dollars. It was outside on a mannequin that I saw while I walked out.

Then Michael met up with us and we ate dinner at China Bar. We then headed to the cinemas to watch Captain America. You'd never guess who was fatefully there once again - yeah my cute engineering tutor.

I was fed up with the games so I didn't even say hello to him. I don't think I will talk to him again. I'm not used to being attracted to someone and frankly, I don't enjoy it so I'm cutting him off. If I don't, I'm just setting my heart up to get trampled on. Michael and AJ thinks this is something I should be basking in and enjoying but... nah!

Michael thinks that I just close myself off to anything related to feelings. However, Dennis thinks I'm making a splendid decision by keeping the handsome engineering tutor as my dream boy because for all we know he could be the lousiest man alive and that would totally ruin my image of him. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA!

Anyway, just thought I'd tell a few people to stop asking for my affection and attention. Be independent, you're all on your own. I'm not a pseudo-confidante, so I'm not going to sugar coat things. I'm not a phony pal, so don't force me to be.
Oh - I'm also not yours.

Don't worry, this isn't directed at one person. I know you think it would be.