Thursday, August 4, 2011


Well I packed some more boxes in the morning then Michael and AJ thought we should go to DFO South Wharf.

They wanted to find me a dress that was a little less conservative. Apparently, I dress like a goody goody when I go out hahaha!

We had no luck in finding anything but I did buy a cropped blouse and a sweater.

I ordered Thai for myself and then wrote a verse of a new song. I don't think the songs going to go anywhere else but it was good to see a bit of my creative juice was back.

I can't think. You'll soon find out why.

So you want me to sit by the window, show you the sky and the clouds
So you want me to sit by the pool side, see the sun reflecting down
Let's make shapes out of the cotton candy dancing in the midsummer night sky
I can show you the whole world
As it spins and we still twirl
Wait for the sun to rise


rachel may said...

those lyrics are beautiful.. and terribly melancholic

i'm sorry for your loss, deena.