Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I spent all day reading Norwegian Wood - a Japanese book translated into English. It then overcame me that I've been acting like a slob recently

All I've really eaten for lunch the past couple of days were chocolates and shapes. Then when dinner came by, I'd pig out on fast food.

Only arseholes feel sorry for themselves. So I had a shower, went for a walk to the grocery store and brought ingredients to make my version of Waldorf salad and pan fry some lemon juice soaked salmon fillets.

On my way home, I passed a florist. I always whine about how flowers are a waste of money because they die in a few days - but I bought myself a bunch of tulips (my favourite flowers because their pastel coloured, rounded petals look like they've been captured by cartoon illustrators).

I picked out the prettiest bunch of the lot, that still looked like it'd bloom in the next days.

Then I went home and realised I didn't own a vase so I cut the top off a water bottle. Now the cute little tulips look like crap crammed in some plastic bottle, haha!

My friend had a reaction from hair dye so I took him to the doctors but they were so hopeless. The doctor was falling asleep at his table and I had to trigger his memory.. because he blanked out for so long....
In the end he gave my friend nothing when he was starting to look like an old man puffer fish.