Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hot Pot

Love is a test

She steals your heart, you steal hers,
She breaks your heart, you run away with hers
When the world is against you being together
When you really hurt each other - time and pain defy you

When its easier to give up than to keep fighting
Still you can't help the way you feel
You can't live without that person
Defying fate and fortune you'll do anything to be with that person still
Then you are in love..
And I pity you
Pain is love
In a world that loves pain
He walks away because he can't bear to lose her again
He comes back because he can't bear to let her go

Kevin organised hot pot at my place. It was a lovely night, except cut short for Kevin as he had some emergency business to attend to. Kevin also spilled creaming soda all over the kitchen bench top and it took the rest of us ages to get the stain off.

After some beautiful hot pot of silver side beef, sliced lamb, fish balls, quail eggs, tofu, enoki mushroom, spinach immersed in miso broth - we went to Brunetti's to enjoy patisserie and coffee.

A chilled night. People sent me messaged of condolences as they knew he was special to me.

Then I cried for hours. Never in my entire life have I cried this hard, I sobbed, howled and dribbled.


Anonymous said...

Hi there (from singapore)! been reading your space for over a year now. Just to let you know you're an incredibly beautiful young woman inside out! stay strong ok?

lalaaaanita said...

I read your blog because I think you're a beautiful person (I know rachel; I've seen all her photos with you as her lovely model) and we've met once (I doubt you even remember). but things will get better. I have never suffered loss like this, though I know it's going to happen. I can't say anything that will ease the pain. but I am letting you know that you are not alone. there are people who read this, who can see the pain you're in. and things will get better.

Anonymous said...

Cheer up sunshines, slap a smile on yo dial :)