Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Latch & Lock

So I spray painted everything gold (even re-did the hinges on my box) and it was a pretty dodgy job. I was way too eager to drill everything together that not everything had dried properly.

Oh well, imperfections make art right? Well thats what my mum said to me when she smudged the top of my box hahahaha.

So I was trying to screw everything in but the wood was way too stubborn so I went down to the garage and pulled out a power drill.

It still took a while because the screws were so short, so I got a long one to start making a hole and then screwed the little ones in.

I finally finished it! I now have my personal box all ready to store my wishes and letters.

I went to work and then Quinton picked me up. We jammed for hours. We have 3 unfinished songs right now that won't go anywhere. Our brain was clogged. So instead we went through all our old songs and then he had to go.

I then spent the next few hours finishing my own song. And surprisingly I did finish it! At about 9pm!

Michael came over and we slapped all our leftovers together and made a Mexican/Korean pasta.... it was pretty delicious! BELIEVE ME!

I'd post the lyrics to my song but it sounds pretty emotional. The song isn't mopey and boohoo - its more a tune that shows I'm at peace with myself.. So when you read it, don't be imagining a really depressing song okay?
Still Here
Verse 1:
I'm sitting on the rooftop
I'm waiting in the dark
With only the night's freckles above me
I hear nothing but the rain
No calling of my name (Expecting your call of my name)
I thought that you'd be here right now

Aren't you coming to find me?
Won't you say good bye?
Are you happy and out of pain?
Would you watch over me?

Because you are
King of all the clouds
You'll call on angels when we need
Send raindrops when we cry

Because you are
The love bared in the moon
My wish on each fallen star
For you to visit when we dream

Verse 2:
Trying to find you right now
In the garden of Winter
Lost in the crowd of people around me
There's no dial to your phone
I feel so alone
I thought that you'd be here with me

Then I had a long discussion with Raph about death. Like two weeks before King passed away, Raph lost his old roommate friend too (Raph is my current roommate). Its so strange that it was so timely like that but it has been good to know that we're both going to similar things and trying to continue on with our lives like there was never any hindrance to begin with. We just talked about how sometimes good comes out of death and that our loved ones wouldn't want us miserable down here.