Monday, August 1, 2011


So I worked.

I went to Brunetti's with Michael and had Earl Grey tea with an eclair and macaroons.

Then we had heaps of leftovers from the night before so Kevin, AJ, Michael and I decided to do Korean BBQ again.

It was so funny because you know my scabby roommate? Yeah he wanted in on it and he was trying to argue with me that there was plenty of leftovers. I know what he wanted but it wasn't going to happen.

He already ate our rocky road that we had for dessert. And plus his mate goes, "What are we eating, Raph?"

And he replies, "I think they're going to cook us all dinner."

AJ was just like, "Nope."

He's SO RUDE! He just sticks his nose in and he even had the guts to ask for some of the meat and like even grabbed it out of the fridge to look at it and stuff.

He probably thinks that we're the stingy ones, but never has he fed us and often have we fed him.

Then we had a lovely time chilling in the kitchen, 3 of us sprawled over the kitchen bench top.