Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I'm packing all my hunka junk and shipping it back to Brisbane. So I spent the morning arranging some things.

Then I got dressed and went into the city to meet up with Annette. Annette is Michael's cousin and we had been texting essays to each other so we thought it'd be easier just to have lunch!

While I waited for her, I went into Zara for the first time. And my golly! That place is still so busy, I swear I wouldn't be able to buy anything from there until it calmed down - the thought that the dress I buy would be replayed 2,000,000 times over throughout the city by other girls doesn't make you wanna spend the price tag amount.

Annette and I went to a Japanese bento box place, I ended up knowing the owner. She was the organiser of the Indonesian festival last year. To think that she owns a law firm and two Japanese restaurants is quite a feat. Plus, I'm pretty sure she's in her early 30's.

Annette and I chatted about random topics including strippers, then I made her try green tea ice cream. We browsed around the city and then she dropped me off to work.

The weather was so beautiful today! It is so rare to see it in August in Melbourne. Even the wind wasn't cold! I wore knee high stockings instead of being superbly rugged up!

Sanju and I then closed off Baraki and we chatted for a bit, rebelling a little by drinking and smoking inside. I think we just decided to revolt against the pesky, lousy owners.

Then I went home, hung up my laundry and went back into the city to meet up with Cn. We ate at Cookie which is an Australian take on Thai food but situated in a beautiful classy old building.

Cn had recently broken up with his girlfriend so he told me that he was going to be the girl tonight and bitch all night to me. I told him I was happy as long as I'm fed hahaha!

I ran into my Brisbane friend who I hadn't seen in 3 years, and found out that he's moved to Melbourne now.

Then I caught the tram home. It was a lovely sunny day! Annette has me rethinking about getting my tragus pierced.. yes no? My dilemma when I was 16/17 was that it would overthrow my favourite number of 8 piercings into 9 and I tend to heal slowly.