Sunday, August 28, 2011

Round Three

I woke up from my busy, engaging night in the afternoon. I decided to go to the Italian strip, Lygon street for a hearty Carbonara.

It definitely hit the spot! Afterwards, I grabbed gelato - green tea & mint. I know, I know, I always eat green tea and I should be getting interesting flavours when I go to a gelati joint in an Italian area but I CAN'T RESIST. And hey, it was a damn good green tea ice cream!

Afterwards, I loled around at home. It was time to go to my friend's house where we were all meeting up for dinner. But then it hit me - it has been 3 long weeks since King's passing yet it feels like yesterday. I started sulking like a baby then ended up bubbling up and crying to Michael.

I just felt like the world never stops spinning for us. You're expected to gulp the pain and throw yourself back into the pace of time. Always moving forward, never stopping to grieve properly.

I threw a tantrum saying I didn't want to go to my friend's house and he kept trying to force me. But I was adamant and stubborn with my big puffy eyes. So we ended up going into the city for some Korean BBQ to cheer my spoiled bottom up.

Before dinner though I cried until I fell asleep (I think its called REM sleep? Where you're half conscious still?) I heard King's voice in my dream and it scared me so much that when I woke up I couldn't talk, or didn't feel like talking for 2 hours. I was just using sign language and messaging Michael to tell him what to order and etc.

Finally, Michael asked for more sauce for me. And the waitress gave me honey dipping instead of sesame oil AND I LOVE MY SESAME OIL AND SALT for Korean BBQ so I finally raised my voice and was like - I WANT MY SESAAAAMEEEEEEEEE!

Then I was back to normal :)
I played my guitar, watched a movie then fell asleep.
Just thought I'd show photos of Darren's turtle we got him for his birthday!
Master Oogway

Squirt and Master Oogway