Wednesday, August 31, 2011


So I did want to reply to Bailey from the Hardware store, but I didn't really want to make the first initial phone contact so I decided that I would take a photo of my box all done with the latch & lock he helped me with. And place my number next to it!

I thought I should have fun with this while I'm young! I put it in an envelope and inscribed Bailey in small font in the corner. I left the house and ran for the tram, to only realise I forgot to bring it.

My sister was egging me on to go back and get it and do it today so I hopped out on the next stop and power walked home. I needed to go home anyway - I didn't realise how much of a clown I looked with black jeans, black shoes but white socks beaming out like I was Charlie Chaplin.

So I swapped into boots to cover it up. I don't own black socks, I really gotta invest in some.

I had to buy a paint pen from the Arts shop next to the Hardware store, so I bought that then chickened out in giving him the envelope. Then went to work and realised I had to get something from Officeworks, so I walked past his store again, bought glue and when I walked past I was dead set ready to hand it to one of his colleagues.

I walked in with my palm sweating into the envelope and just beamed out, "HI! CAN YOU GIVE THIS TO BAILEY? OK, THANKS!!" and walked out. I was glad it was over but I was shaking in trepidation because it was out of my hands now! HAHAHA!
Bought this for ten dollars on the way to the train station! It was reduced from 70!

I finished up work, shopped around trying to kill time then headed over to Michael's work. AJ gave me and Michael free movie tickets that expired on the 31st of August so we decided to make use of them. We heard both Green Lantern and Cowboys & Aliens were crap so we settled for Red Dog (An Australian movie about a legendary dog).

It was pretty good, Josh Lucas is in it. I wonder how much they paid him to get a pretty well known American actor to get dirty down under to do a budget film. The movie was cheesy sometimes and a bit try hard bogan with stupid scenes. But I enjoyed hearing about the story of the dog who was a wanderer.

I came home and did my laundry. Our neighbour was over, he's about to leave for 2 months to the States because he's in the Top 12 for X-Factor. Camera crews are coming to his house tomorrow to do all those house scenes.

Bailey messaged me, the conversation went like this:
Bailey: "I was beginning to think you didn't get the lock!"
Deena: "What lock? Who is this? I think you have the wrong number"
Bailey: "This is Bailey. Are you messing with me?"
Deena: "Yeah I am haha. Were you beginning to think you had the wrong number?"
Bailey: "Yea I had just left the house and ran back in to check"
Bailey: "So how am I meant to ask you out without knowing your name?"
Deena: "If I tell you my name, are you going to ask me out?"

Then he called me. In the end, he still doesn't know my name. I'm going to see how long I can last without telling him my name hahahahaha! He told me that he was at the other store today and they called him saying, "GUESS WHO CAME IN TODAY? THAT GIRL FROM ACROSS THE STREET!"

So he said he'd be there in 10 minutes after he finished work. He came in and got handed this envelope with his name on it, he opened it up and there was a note that said, "Please do not further contact me. From hot girl"

He was thinking, "Did she call herself, 'hot girl'?" Then realised that his colleagues were pulling a prank on him! Then they gave him the real envelope.

He also told me that his friend sent him a video clip to his phone with Peter Andre's 'Mysterious Girl' which means he talked to his friends about me. He's given me so much details already that its less of a game to me now! But he seems adorable, I'm hanging out with him tomorrow after work.

Let the games begin! And I'm totally going to say my name is Esmerelda.


Anonymous said...

bahahha this was hilarious to read! Bailey.. what a cute and unique name but can't say the same to Esmerelda lol

Bambi said...

Hahahaha thank you! Would you prefer Ursula then?? HAHAHA