Monday, June 21, 2010

The A String

I was recording my ukulele and as I was playing back on it, my microphone fell onto my ukulele. First I was like, meh.. then I went back to keep playing and realised I had 3 strings and that my A string had snapped! I was so devastated, I put on some jeans and went to swiftly catch a tram.

I went to a little music shop, and they only had one packet of ukulele strings which wasn't for my species and it wasn't black string (which is what I have) its like that cheap quality...

I've restringed it and I am so sad that its quality has reduced immensely..

But on a more important note, these Chinese characters are not absorbing into my head.
9:30am exam, wish me luck!


chocoloby said...

I see what you mean by similarity now~ and i have never heard of anyobe breaking their ukulele strings haha u tried alans in the city?
Ps: i showed carmen the song :)

Miguel said...

hey ms. blogger, thought i'd check your blog out! good thing the recording still worked out well... but yeah it is a liittleee bit out of tune :P but not completely noticable! sounds great :)