Sunday, June 13, 2010


Last night, after Masterchef, I was craving Pork steamed buns, so my friend and I bought 7 and also 2 custard buns! It was so scrumptious, soft and heavenly. The picture does no justice, I took it in the car and it looks like vomit OKAY? I PROMISE YOU IT TASTES LIKE CLOUDS!

Afterwards I went out with Kevin, Koston and Justin to go to an event at the Loft. At first it was like ehhhh, alright. But I had heaps of fun afterwards, I had a little dizzy spin but got over it with some deep breaths. We went back up and danced some more then went outside. I do not know what hit us but we were going crazy. I think the people around us was getting annoyed at how loud we were. But we were constantly singing Justin Bieber's songs and changing the lyrics to pay out our friend Justin. Koston was treating me like a puppy dog, and I would pant and lick in return. And Kevin was getting the DENIAL all night with all his fail jokes, hahah he's going to kill me for writing that.

On the dance floor, Justin was about to drink out of his drink (wow that's a trippy sentence) and then Koston took my hand by surprised to spin me around and my left elbow of titanium steel came crashing down on the glass and it just shattered everywhere. I felt so terrible but I couldn't believe how strong I was hahahhaa. But I'm paying for it now, this morning I woke up and I can't move it past 90 degrees. Waaaaa!

Upon return from the Loft, it was about 3:20 am. I stayed and chatted to my security, Mohammad until about 5 am! I didn't even know how long I was there for! So many people were leaving at that time to go to Federation Square to cheer on Australia in the World Cup [to a fail]. Don't worry Mohabs, I'll let you keep your job and I won't say what you said about work. Hahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha and I can't believe you read my blog!


Anonymous said...

Mmmm I pretty sure it's called "loft" not "the loft" lol.

mo.hasan said...

thank you for having mercy on me... anyways... i quit b4 they fire me... lolzzz.. n BTW I'm pretty sure there r many many other ppl who do read ur blog... its awesome fun... but yeah I know u said its only for the ppl at brisbane not for us... :(