Wednesday, June 30, 2010



I'm stealing internet from a hotel before my train leaves in 5 minutes! I woke up early to clean and then afterwards with the 2 hours remaining, Jana and I fell back asleep! Apparently my face has returned to its healthy normal colour, and I definitely feel much much better!
11 am, my Aunty's son picked us up to go to the train station. There was an explosion in the next area over to us that killed five people when a machine exploded at an entertainment club. We caught the subway to Louhu, where we waited for the train to Shanghai - which runs for 17 hours! It is so packed, like I know there is more than 20 carts, and it looks like at least 1000 people is on here (I was mega wrong, its 10,000)! We all get to sleep, theres like 3 bunk beds piled onto each other. My sister and I are on the same segment at the bottom!

Everyone still stares at us, and also my family friend, is Russian and Chinese so everyone thinks she's our mother and is amazed when she speaks Chinese or does some intense haggling to bargain the items we want to buy! Hahahaha