Friday, June 18, 2010

Mongolian... PASTA?

I pretty much bummed around the entire day! Went to see David on his lunch break to break my bum break, haha.

Then Miggs and I started working on our collaboration, which I'll keep a secret from those who know what I'm possibly talking about!

Fast forward.... and now its dinner time. I went to the grocery store and got Mongolian sauce, beef, chilli, broccoli, onion and a banana for after. I got home to start this yumdiliumpcious meal, to find that I had about 5 grains of rice.

Hastily and desperately finding an alternative staple, I am making a Mongolian Beef Pasta. It is in the process now, and I hope it tastes okay. Haha!

Fingers crossed!

p.s Tinka, Tinka! Hope your settling in goes well in Netherlands :)
p.p.s Steven the Inspirational Piglet, this fact is for you BAHAHAHAA!